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Visitors and guests to Fort Worth can easily take advantage of learning the city’s history, the depth of character and the wonder of its uniqueness. After its birth in the 1840’s, and especially between 1866 and 1890, drovers ran millions of cattle through Fort Worth on to the Red River, winding their way north to the railheads in Abilene, Kansas via the Chisholm Trail.

Reaching back into the past, when cowboys would stop at Fort Worth’s “Hell’s Half Acre” to rest and relax, guests today may glimpse this experience though visiting the Cattle Drive Visitor’s Center that will lead on to . . .

  • The Stockyard Station with many shops, restaurants, horseback riding, a vintage steam engine . . . and much more.
  • The Horse and Mule Barn/Livery turned into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.
  • The Cowtown Coliseum – built in 1908 and housing the first indoor rodeo 10 years later.
  • The Live Stock Exchange, the heart of the old livestock business

This 125-acre venue is one of the most popular stops in Fort Worth, and is home to the world’s only CATTLE DRIVE. Guests may not be driving cattle, but they can still have a great time during this historic walking experience.

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